It is believed that the village lives the soul of Russia. We honor the memory of our ancestors, keep the culture and remember the story.

Beautiful beaches, ravines, turning Mius, flowering gardens, endless fields, amazing sunsets on the coast of the Gulf of Taganrog, the slopes "Miussky Park" bend Beglitskoy braids - and this is not all that attracts tourists to our region. The mild climate, fishing, great food, hospitality and distinctive accent the colorful local population as a magnet for tourists to us in the Sea of ​​Azov.

Interest to tourists are also of historical and architectural sites and monuments of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War years:

  • 14 operating temples XVIII-XIX centuries (established route to the holy places Neklinovsky district);
  • Paul Fortress as an illustration to the era of Peter I - a monument to military architecture, built by his decree;
  • Finca AB Lakier - monument of engineering art of the XIX century;
  • Memorial monument to the heroes breakthrough Miussky front and liberation of Taganrog "Sambekskie height."

Neklinovskiy area - area pleasant and affordable vacation. The golden beaches of the Azov Sea coast - the perfect place for sunbathing. Along the Estuary and Gulf Coast features a wellness center and a recreation center, there are also three-star Club hotel "Golden Fleece". Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, modern treatment methods and technology will leave a remarkable impression of staying in such well-known health centers as a sanatorium-health complex "World"; Pension "Red Team"; Wellness Center "Daisy"; children's health center "Sputnik" and several others.

The hospitable Neklinovsky ground regularly hosts cultural and event-related and recreational activities:
  • international festival of national cultures "Friendship Beach"
  • inter-regional festival of art song "Pokrovsky Dawns"
  • a regional art project "Pokrovsky Boulevard"
  • the regional education forum of senior "Step into the future",
  • enogastronomiechesky festival of wine and cheese "Vine estuary" - Festival of Living History "swords Time".

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