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О Неклиновском районе

Dear friends!

Neklinovsky district is one of the perspective territories of the Rostov region, which has significant labor, rich natural resources, and favorable climatic conditions.

We have the advanced traditions of agriculture. Today in the Neklinovsky district there are eleven large and medium-sized agricultural producers who have successfully adopted these traditions.

One of the priorities of the local authorities is to make the Neklinovsky district attractive. Today the municipality is expanding the service sector, the housing and communal services are being gradually upgraded and reformed, programs are being implemented to reconstruct water and electricity supply networks, gasification of settlements is being completed, and the appearance of farms and villages is changing.

We managed to implement many projects to improve and construct of housing, as well as capital repair of social facilities. Positive values have been achieved on the majority of parameters that determine the social and economic development of the Neklinovsky district.

We need to continue working on the investment attraction in the region, providing potential investors with comfortable conditions for doing business. I strongly believe that further work aimed at improving the investment climate and the social and economic situation of the region will contribute to the development of the economy, the emergence of new initiatives and the implementation of promising projects in the Neklinovsky region, both in industry and in agriculture.

Yours faithfully,


Тне Head of Administration

of Neklinovsky district Vasily Danilenko

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